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Office: Room A02, Dalat Vocational Training College, 01 Hoang Van Thu Street, Ward 4, Dalat City, Lamdong Province, Vietnam

Phone: +84 (263) 3540 105



The Department Of Equipment Management is responsible for assisting the Board of Rectors in using and managing effectively DVTC’s facilities and equipments, and also receiving, repairing and allocating equipments and materials which mainly used for DVTC’s educating, researching and some other important activities.


  • Plan equipments, maintain and distribute the equipments to the faculties and departments in accordance with the plan approved by the Rector.
  • Plan and repair offices, vehicles and other equipments used for working and learning purposes.
  • Compose regulations regarding distributions, using and maintainance of equipments and other materials.
  • Coordinate with relating departments to organize the service bids.
  • Coordinate with Finance &Planning Department to audit and check the quality and values of equipments.
  • Ensure and manage water and electricity supply.
  • Coordinate with Faculties to organize classrooms and other facilities.
  • Coordinate with other units to carry out fire fighting and prevetion; flood and disaster orevention.
  • Manage classrooms and other equipments; Performsanitation activities.