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Function, duty:

      The Finance and Planning Department is the professional unit, advising the Principal on the financial planning work, managing the sources of funds of the School, working under the professional guidance of financial agencies and under the direction of the principal.

Controlling of saving measures of units in the School. Advising the School administrators on reasonable measures to increase revenue and save money.

      Based on the development needs of the School, building the internal expenditure regulations and relevant policies and regimes, coordinating with the Equipment Administration Department, the Training Department, the Administration and Organization Department and specialized faculties to organize the financial plan, budget plan for the target programs of the School and activities of units submitting to the principal for approval.

Assisting the principal to manage the School's funding sources in accordance with current regulations of the State and the School.

          Guiding, directing and inspecting all the School units in carrying out procedures to ensure the financial regulations for the State.

Organizing a book-keeping system and accounting apparatus unified management, synthesizing finance according to the State budget law and accounting law.

 Coordinating with the Training Department and other departments to implement the revenue and expenditure policy: tuition, scholarships and other revenues and expenditures in service of training.

          Organizing the accounting and analysis of economic activities of the School, making statistical reports at the requests of the School principal and the higher level.

Proposing the measures of financial and material management, practicing thrift against wastefulness in School, making financial publicity reports strictly according to current regulations.

          Coordinating with the short-term training Center to manage non-budgetary revenue sources to urge the units having revenue sources to strictly comply with current regulations of the School.

          Guiding and examining the financial settlement, checking periodically and unexpectedly the financial states of the units in School directly.

       Presiding the responsibility for drafting all types of contracts in the field of economics, training, settlement and accounting of revenues and expenditures of works at the units in the School and associating training.

Coordinating with the Equipment Administration Department and other related units to organize the liquidation of damaged or unused assets or no longer need to use to create capital for the renewal of equipment and property.

Coordinating with the Equipment Administration Department and other related Departments to receive new assets and equipment from different sources to be included in the School's property register before putting them into use. At the end of the period of asset inventory, planning to compare the asset re-examination, making reports on handling, making reports on inventory, and submitting reports according to regulations. 

Guiding and implementing regulations on the disbursement of school funds and projects. Coordinating with the Equipment Administration Department, other units using the works to receive new construction works and renovate, put them into use.

          Organizing to store of financial documents, vouchers, books and financial reports after the payment and settlement in strict accordance with the State's regulations.

          Monitoring the use of funds, materials, assets, capital for training and scientific research of all the School units and individuals in the school.

Organizing to pay salary, scholarships, monthly living allowance for officials, employees, labor contracts, and other payments to students in a timely and correctly (regulations 01 to 05 each month pay).

          Coordinating with the Administration and Organization Department, Training Department to inspect the list of cadres, civil servants and laborers in the units, students of the faculties to timely adjust and adjust accordingly: Adjusting the increase, decrease of salary, checking the salary, allowance, level of social insurance premium, health insurance, scholarships, tuition fees, fees, and other payments ...