- Contact information

Contact name: scientific research and international cooperation department

Address: Building A, No. 01 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 4, DaLat, Lam Dong.

Tel: 0263. 3542534. Email:

- Function, duty:

Organizing the implementation of scientific research in the whole school, deploying applications of scientific research results and coordinating with outside units in the implementation of scientific research tasks as well as the application of scientific research results.

Organizing scientific seminars at the school level or higher level, coordinating with related units to organize scientific seminars and conferences; organizing academic activities, creative contests for students.

To promote international cooperation in order to consolidate the traditional international relations and develop new international relations to meet the development demands of the School and the community.

Up to now, the Scientific Research and International Cooperation Department has deployed the units and individuals in the School to carry out over 200 scientific research projects at the foundation level, 3 scientific research projects at the provincial level, individuals have participated in scientific projects at the state level, international works, applying the results of scientific research projects; Organizing 17 scientific conferences from the school level upwards; Coordinating with 19 international organizations to send teachers and lecturers to study abroad, combining scientific research, and developing curriculum and curricula for the school's training.

We would like to cooperate with organizations and individuals at home and abroad in scientific researching and international cooperation activities to improve the capacity of applying and scientific researching for teaching staffs, contributing to the development of the school and the community.