Address: 01 Nguyen Khuyen - Ward 5 - Da Lat - Lam Dong.

Phone number: 84-0623-3560889 or 84 – 0623 – 3829143.


Driving Training Center was established under the Decision No. 625/QD-CĐNĐL dated 04 September 2008 by the principal of Da Lat Vocational training College.

The organizational structure of the Center is implemented in accordance with Decision No. 672/QĐ-CĐNĐL dated September 22, 2008.

Driver Training Center has 01 Director, 01 Deputy Director, has 02 functional departments: Professional Department, Organization and Finance Department, besides, the Center also has Party organizations (Sub-Branch 05), Trade union affiliates…

The total number of employees is 35 people, in which has: 7 center’s workforce

I.   Infrastructure:

1. Vehicles to practice driving:

Center has: 30 cars

- B class training vehicles: 27

- C class training vehicles: 01

- D class training vehicles: 01

- E class training vehicles: 01

New vehicles with a useful life of less than 10 years are 23, vehicles with a useful life of over 10 years are 7 vehicles. New cars accounted for 76%. Meet the requirements as compared with regulations.

2.  Court to practice:

- The total area of the training ground is 14.000m2 divided into 03 interconnected yard. The main yard has an area of 11,500 m2, in which 10,000m2 is poured concrete and full of similar exercises test field.

- Driving routes: some roads are regulated by the Department of Transportation, roads in Da Lat city, provincial roads and national highway 20, national highway 27.

3. Specialized study rooms:

a.The Center has a large hall with 160 square meters of space for 100 students, a road traffic law room, a driver's license, an audio-visual equipment, signage system, picture painting, picture magnification machine ….)

b.Division of automotive + Practical workshop: area: 120 square meters

-  There is a complete set of images of the parts of the car

-  Model of petrol and diesel engine

- Gasoline and diesel engines

- Model of electric vehicle system

- Tools used for repair practice

- Model car chassis

The center uses practical workshops, specialized classrooms of the Dynamical mechanics Faculty - Da Lat Vocational training College with modern equipment, when needed during the training.

c.   The computer lab has a network of 15 computers operating stable for the study and review of road traffic law, as well as the theory of laws under the software of the Road Administration of Vietnam.

d.   Department of Driving Engineering area: 64 square meters:

- There is a set of photos of driving techniques.

- Model of cab cockpit.

- Figure of field test driving practice cars with traffic lights.

e.   Transportation office: 64 square meters, with full set of images, the system for transportation such as transportation, travel papers, transportation statistics, shipping documents. , the record on the turnover of the transport, the sign of preservation of the goods…

4. Supplies, teaching equipment:

- Syllabus issued by the Ministry of Transport

- Road Traffic Control Software of Vietnam Road Administration

- Projector: 02

- Laptop: 04

- Overhead projector: 03 units

- Signage system: 03 units

- The system of international goods symbols: 01 set

- Figure of field test driving practice cars with traffic lights.

- Gasoline engine model, diesel engine.

- Model of electric vehicle system.