- Contact information

Address: Room G13 - Dalat Vocational College - 01 Hoang Van Thu - Ward 4 - Dalat - Lam Dong.

Phone: 02633.542.535. Email: coban@cdndalat.edu.vn

- Functions, missions:

The Faculty of Basic Sciences is responsible for organizing the implementation of teaching the general subjects of the colleges and post-secondary, including: Politics, Law, Basic English, Basic Informatics, Physical Education, Defense & Security Education; the subjects of common education, including: mathematics, physics, chemistry, literature, history, geography and biology, taught by the faculties of information technology, tourism, economics, electricity and electronics, mechanical engineering, agriculture and applied biology.

- Faculty of Basic Science: Manage marks of general subjects, common education subjects according to the regulations of training; participate in graduation examinations: graduation examination of politics, or common subjects by trained group.

- Being instructed and supported by the Board of Management, faculties and units in the college, the faculty members have strived to improve their professional knowledge and pedagogic skills, enhance the quality of teaching. By 2018, the Faculty of Basic Sciences has 02 lecturers who had master's degree and 01 learning master program.

Besides the main tasks of teaching, the Faculty of Basic Science also has the following missions:

- Organize the development, supplementation, improvement and completion of objectives, curricula, contents and training methods of general subjects and common education subjects at all levels of different training types suitable for practical requirements. To organize implementing plans, objectives, programs, contents and training methods approved by the Board of Management. Additionally, the Faculty directs to build the detailed draft of subjects taught by the Faculty, to compile lectures and course syllabus.

- Educate Political education, ideology, current affairs, guidelines and policies of the Party, the State and Industries for students during the lectures of each lecturer.

- Develop and implement scientific research plans through scientific research of Faculty members, apply science and technology to teaching in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning of lecturers and students in the college.

- Make plans and organize the implementation of training, fostering, improving professional qualifications for teachers of the Faculty. Make statistics and report regularly on the situation of teaching, studying, training and other professional activities as stipulated by the college.

- Coordinate with functional departments, labor unions, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and other organizations to well perform their functions and tasks.

- Organize, direct and sum up the competition movements of good teaching, learning and other emulation contents in the Faculty.

- Manage and safely and effectively make use of facilities and equipment of the Faculty.

- Perform other tasks assigned by the school.

- Training fields: Train general courses for college and post-secondary classes including: Politics, law, basic English, basic informatics for non-professional education, physical education, defense education; the common education subjects: mathematics, physics, chemistry, literature, history, geography and biology of the faculties of information technology, tourism, economics, electricity and electronics, mechanical engineering, agriculture and applied biology.