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Adress: Room C8 – Dalat Vocational College – 01 Hoang Van Thu Street – Ward 4 – Dalat – Lamdong.

Tel: 0263.3832967 - Email: dien@cdndalat.edu.vn

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The Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a specialized faculty of Da Lat Vocational College. It is equipped with teaching equipment and workshops, which are relatively large and modern to meet the demand of Industrial Electricity with 3 levels: pre-intermediate, intermediate and college. At present, the Faculty has more than 10 workshops with modern equipment, fully equipped for teaching such as Microcontroller, PLC, Electrical - Compressed Air, Equipment, Drives, Electric Machines, Electronic Mechanics From the establishment of the school to the present, the Faculty has educated a total of over 2,000 students. Especially, since 2007 the Falcuty has more than 1,200 students intermediate and college level.

The lectures of Faculty who are trained from the prestigious universities in the country are professional, fully skilled, and always dedicated to the profession and students. Besides, the lectures who are invited to teach at the falcuty are the experienced staff at the company. They are invited to paticipate in teaching, adjusting the program to suit the practical and join in the assessment of skills of students before their graduation to meet the labor market needs. At present, the industrial electricity is being invested at the ASEAN level, students after studying at the Faculty are firmly skilled, immediately enter the labor market after graduation. The work that students can do after graduation: self-opening production facilities, repair, installation of electrical equipment ... to work at the factory, the management department, to operate and maintain industrial electricity grids…

Over the past 15 years of formation and development, the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has always accomplished its tasks in the school year and gained many awards at the provincial vocational teachers' training conference, national level lectures. Moreover, the Falcuty won the second prize at the national self-made vocational training equipment contest. Especially, students of Faculty of Science won the provincial competitions and been nominated to compete in the National level.

- Training area: Training in the fields of industrial electricity, civil electricity, electronics and refrigeration.