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Adress: Bulding H - Dalat Vocational College – 01 Hoang Van Thu Street – Ward 4 – Dalat – Lamdong.

Tel: 0263.3540804. Email: dulich@cdndalat.edu.vn

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As a strong and well-invested falcuty, the Falcuty of Tourism of Dalat Vocational College has many years of training in tourism majors according to national standards and is developing a training program in accordance with ASEAN standards.

According to statistics of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, in November, the number of international visitors to Vietnam is estimated at 611,864 arrivals, an increase of 42.9% over the same period in 2010. The total 11 months of 2011 is estimated at 5,420,624 increased 17.8% over the same period in 2010. In recent years, the tourism industry in Lam Dong is developing strongly due to the investment from different sources of capital of the province. Therefore, many resorts, hotels, restaurants, ecotourism spots emerged, resulting in a shortage of human resources for catering services. The number of international visitors increased due to the unstable situation in the region, foreign guests have chosen Vietnam as a tourist destination. This places great demands on the number and quality of direct labor in the tourism industry. Facing that challenge, the Falcuty of Tourism of Dalat Vocational College has made a great contribution to the supply of labor for the local tourism industry. Over the past 11 years, we have trained more than 1400 students working in tourism not only in Lam Dong but also in neighboring provinces.

The system of 3-star workshops at the school and the 600-hour practical program at 4 and 5 star hotels help students access to professional practice.

Through teaching, we provide the learners with the knowledge, skills and experience they need to work effectively. With the "learning alongside" training program, learners are provided with hands-on access to the work experience, teamwork skills, organizational skills and organizational management in the travel industry. is foreign language and computer skills. In addition to the main courses, during the three years of study at Da Lat College of Tourism, learners are also sent to practice at other restaurants, hotels and other standard accommodation establishments. The school provides students with the opportunity to gain practical access before graduation and to solve the problem immediately after graduation. At present, 85% of the graduates from the Faculty of Tourism have jobs.

To bring moe chances for the learners, beside the two main training levels - from Intermediate to College, we also offer two levels of training from Intermediate to College and University. With 30% of the theory, 70% of the practice is designed to give students intensive skills in restaurant business, hotel and training programs. year.

Apart from studying with the lecture of the national standard of the school, students also regularly learn the main professional with specialists in each field such as restaurant, reception, kitchen, mixing ... Therefore, students are often invited to work part-time in many business units. After training, students have been meeting the requirements of work in 4 & 5 star hotels, resorts in and out of the province, including pupils and students have been responsible for the position. and have students, students have built their own business.

We have a bright big dream to build the Faculty of Tourism, Da Lat Vocational College to become bigger and bigger, and contributeto build the beloved province of Lamdong to become the major tourism center of the country.

- Training area: Training courses on restaurant management, hotel management, receptionist, restaurant operation.