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Contact details: Student Affairs Department - DaLat Vocational Training College, 01 Hoang Van Thu St., Ward 4, DaLat City.

Tel: 0263.3541274. Email:

Function, duty:

To advise the Committee Party and School Management Board on planning the solutions, policies for pupils and students and carry out the tasks related to pupils and students in order to educate pupils and students to comprehensively improve the training quality of schools.

- To monitor and organize the implementation of political, ideological education activities for students throughout the School. Immediately catch up the ideas of students to propose guideline solutions, education plans.

- To implement information and propaganda activities to students so that students can understand the situation and policies of the School and the State. To organize the holidays related to students - such as opening ceremony, graduation ceremony ... in the form of rich and practical.

- To organize extracurricular courses on subjects such as ethics, laws, environment, population, traffic safety, social evils prevention...

- To monitor and guide the activities of the student Party.

- To coordinate with the functional departments to receive the students, to manage student files, student data on the internal network of the School.

- To implement the policies for students, such as: scholarships, tuition fees, rewards ... all the regimes related to the material, spiritual life of students.

- To make the student cards, to monitor and register the student's out-patient list with the police of the ward.

- Directly coordinate with other branches and local administrations to manage the political security, social order and safety, guide pupils and students to observe the laws and promptly settle cases related to students.

- To organize the direct meeting between the school leaders with pupils and students to settle in time all questions and complaints of pupils and students (if any).

- To organize the activities of emulation movement and commendation for students who have achieved high achievements in learning, training and social activities. To monitor, synthesize and recommend disciplines to students who violate the law and rules and regulations of the School.

- To monitor and assess the observance of teachers' teaching hours, to monitor the manager work of each class of faculties, participating in class (if necessary) in order to coordinate the direction of raising the quality of work done by the form teachers. 

- To coordinate with the faculties to organize the worthwhile training of students in each semester and each school year.

- To resolve administrative procedures for students.

- To coordinate with Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and other organizations to organize social activities such as: charitable activities, gratitude, humanitarian blood donation, culture and sport. ... to build a healthy educational environment.