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Adress: 01 Hoang Van Thu Street – Ward 4 – Dalat – Lamdong.

Tel: 0263.3540802 - 0263.3542266 Email:


Da Lat Vocational College has a student residence on campus at 01 Hoang Van Thu - Ward 4 - Dalat City, located in the heart of the city so it is very convenient to go out, study and do some activities of students.

With spacious, airy, quiet, area: 1,500m2. The dormitory has 02 zones, A and B include 62 rooms. Each room has a fully equipped and sanitary system. The dormitory also has a heated bathroom, canteen, cafeteria.

In addition, the hostel also has free Wifi system for students - students to access the network to meet the needs of learning. The entertainment area includes: mini soccer field, volleyball court, table tennis ...

The management team is experienced, enthusiastic, devoted, dedicated to serving the material and spiritual life of students. Security, order in the dormitory is guaranteed absolute safety.

Dormitory of Da Lat Vocational College is designed to provide students with good places for students to study and to improve their independence and self-discipline. The law serves the comprehensive educational goal of the school.

In order to facilitate the learning of the students, to help the school have conditions to manage all students - especially students outside of class, we recommend that parents create conditions and Encourage your child to eat, stay at the dormitory while studying at school.

Da Lat Vocational College is a reliable address for parents and students.

We look forward to welcoming parents and students to visit the Da Lat Vocational College