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Address: Building A, No. 01 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 4, Da Lat, Lam Dong.

Tel: 0263.38270263. Email:

- Function, duty:

To advise and assist the Principal to perform the following major tasks:

a / To formulate objectives and plans on the development of overall training scales and training disciplines (including joint training and extension of training locations) in each period, annual and long-term plans of the School;

b) Do the relationship and implementation of procedures in accordance with the local and central agencies on the issues related to training tasks, such as annual training indicators, additional registration of vocational training activities;…

c) Monitor and manage the outlines of the School's curriculum. Annually, in cooperation with the faculties and the Department of Scientific Research & International Cooperation to study and propose the development, change and adjustment of curricula, textbooks and teaching materials suitable to social needs;

d) To summarize and monitor the annual training progress of the School;

e) To plan and organize the recruitment and set up the classes according to the school-year plan;

e) To manage, supervise and inspect the completion of subjects and examinations of specialized faculties according to School regulations;

g) To manage the results of School training, accreditation and the granting of professional diplomas and certificates;

h) To examine the departmental affairs of the faculties. To monitor, synthesize and evaluate the results of the training activities of the School; to count and make reports according to the regulations of the Ministry of Labor- War Invalids and Social Affairs, of the superior managing agencies and the principal;

i) To organize professional training courses, professional competitions ... for teachers in School;

k) To perform other tasks as assigned by the principal.