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Address: Room G5, DaLat Vocational College, 01 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 4, DaLat City

Phone: 0792861986 – Email:

Since the establishment of Dalat Vocational College in 2000, the College Union has also been established under Lam Dong Provincial Youth Union.

After 17 years of formation and development, the generations of cadres, union members and students have continuously continued and promoted the glorious tradition of the Union, overcome many difficulties to assert their youth on areas: teaching, learning, scientific research, building the organization of the Union, and the college. The Union usually organizes cultural and sports activities, seminars, political activities; train and improve soft skills for youth union members; create a sound playing-field for youth members; participate in the activities of the Provincial Youth Union. Dalat Vocational College has gradually affirmed its role in contributing to the general cause of the college; in order to train skilled workers, contribute a small part to create the prestige, create the trust of the college, the Party, the Board of Management and the teachers: "Dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility" and "Believe in the new era”.

Functions, tasks and rights


- Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union is a reliable reserve team, a revolutionary army of Vietnam Communist Party, a source of elite forces for the Party, the State and social organizations.

- Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union is a socialist school of youth, a sound environment to unite, educate, train and develop the entire personality, orient the noble ideals of the new socialist people, create opportunities and conditions for young people to devote theirs mature.

- The Union is the representative who takes care and protects the legitimate interests of the youth, undertakes Ho Chi Minh Pioneer Youth Team; a key political force in the youth movement and Vietnamese youth organizations.


- Represent, take care and protect legitimate interests of cadres, youth members and teenagers.

- Organize activities and create an educational and training environment for youth members in order to contribute to implement political, economic, cultural, social, defense and security tasks of locality and unit.

- Coordinate with the authorities, organizations and socio-economic organizations to do well the youth activities, care for the formation of the Youth Union, actively build the Youth Union, Association, and Team in residence, and attend to building, protecting the Party and the Government.


- Admit new members, manage union members, receive, transfer activities of the Union; introduce elite members to the Party for improving and admission; introduce officers and members to train and use plan of the Party, the State, organizations and socio-economic organizations.

- Organize activities, movements to unite and gather youths; fulfill legitimate needs and interests of youth; coordinate with branches, organizations and socio-economic organizations to create favorable conditions and environment for youth work.

- Organize activities to create more jobs and income for cadres, union members and youths; create funds for the activities of the Youth Union; used legal seal.